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Consider the occasion

Now that we have the basics out of the way. Let’s move toward your wants and needs. Just like how you choose an outfit to fit an occasion, perfumes work similarly. For example, if you are going to the gym, you should consider a more aromatic scent that will last longer since the workout will muster up a sweat.

If you are going on a date, consider something sensual but not too strong that the smell fills up the room. Similarly, you can consider a more lively, fruity scent if you go out with friends. 

Who is the Perfume for?

I know that perfumes have no gender or age limit. It is all about how certain scents have been marketed toward us. But, like it or not, factors such as gender and age massively come into play when choosing the right fragrance. 

When it comes to children, go for calming and reassuring scents like lavender, honeysuckle or orange blossom. When buying for a teenager, consider how the individual views themselves as. Teenagers are usually more attracted to a floral, sweet, and springtime smell. 

When it comes to a person in their 20s, they are looking to seduce and attract the opposite gender. There is a reason why most perfume adverts aimed at this age group tend to be about flirting. 

The ’30s are all about elegance and mystery but with a hint of sensuality. Because let’s face it, not everyone is with the love of their life by then.

For people over 40, it is about their status quo. Perfume enthusiasts in their 40s have a distinctive choice regarding the fragrances they prefer. Moreover, they are likely to use fragrances that last all day rather than spray them on every few hours. 

Read up on some Trusted Reviews

Most of you reading this blog are probably buying perfumes online. You may now understand how to choose a perfume for yourself and others. But still feel a bit anxious about ordering something new online. 

Well, what you can do is utilize the power of influencers. Now that you know most of the basic jargon of the industry, you can better understand what the perfume product reviewers are going on about. 

Make sure to pick up on keywords like concentration and scent. Also, watch a few reviewers to see what they are talking about matches. That way, you can filter out the paid content from the truth. 

So good luck, my fellow perfume enthusiasts! May your perfumes last longer and your search for the perfect scent last shorter. Amen!

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